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Who We Are

Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation (BSI) is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to promoting increased participation in post-secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in developing nations and underserved group in developed nations around the world.

BSI’s education programs are a direct response to the reality that our future will be built on innovation and invention and creative problem solving. To meet this need, we collaborate with schools, governments, organizations, and philanthropists to accomplish its mission. BSI is committed to nurturing world-class student STEM projects that can contribute to and support technological innovation in developing nations. The STEM fields are critical to any national economy seeking to grow in a 21st century global economy.

BSI was founded by Onyema B. Ajuogu, a young woman who understands firsthand how education can positively impact one’s life and how education in STEM can bring about an immense change. Our organization is founded on the fundamental belief that giving a high-quality STEM education to young people in developing nations will bring about immense and powerful changes for the better. BSI believes that students in developing nations with access to STEM education will be able to obtain meaningful employment and lifelong self-sufficiency as well as foster development in their home countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire young people in developing nations around the world to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); for the future will be built on people’s capacity to innovate, invent, and solve problems creatively.

Our Goals & Objectives

Our primary goal is to encourage STEM education in developing countries, positively impacting young people’s education in STEM worldwide. Benignant STEM Innovation strives to achieve this goal by focusing on three primary objectives.

  1. To encourage and inspire young people in developing countries to pursue post-secondary education and careers in scientific and technical fields by hosting STEM workshops that foster their interest.
  2. To bring students from developing nations to Western schools and universities to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  3. To create supplementary programs and encourage implementation of STEM programs at the schools in developing countries that support these students and encourage them to view science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as a tool to instill innovative and problem solving skills.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built around three core values:

1) Innovation

To help developing nations meet the technological demands of the 21st century, we need to find innovative ways to foster the skills necessary to bring about the necessary changes. Therefore, BSI uses multidisciplinary STEM learning tools such as rocket kits, aircraft kits, Raspberry Pi kits, and other hands-on tools to provide students with real-world experiences that expose them to technical subjects and creative problem solving.

2) International Cooperation

People and cultures around the world can make valuable contributions to the lives of all people. When individuals from differing cultural and geographical backgrounds meet and cooperate toward common goals, they create a powerful synergy. An international exchange of diverse knowledge, skills, and cultures can cause world-changing things to happen. This exchange starts with the more advanced nations sharing their technology and skills with the developing world. The outcome is a world where all nations have a chance to prosper, benefitting both the haves and the have-nots by reducing dependence.

3) Equity and Empowerment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

We seek gender equality for females across all parts of society in every part of the world. We believe that girls have a right not only to basic education but to advanced education in STEM. To correct this all-too-common inequality, BSI believes we must provide resources and programs that enable, encourage, and support women’s educational opportunities and that integrate young women and young men into a mutually supportive educational environment. For these reasons, BSI gives preference to young women in our Young Eagle STEM Workshop.

Our Vision

Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation’s vision is a world where intellectual, entrepreneurial, and technical talent can be fostered for the prosperity of all. This prosperity is vital to developing nations’ future economic growth and depends on education systems that support economic development while helping all students to become innovators and inventors, self-reliant and logical thinkers, and technologically proficient problem solvers.

BSI will help to create a network of trained, determined, and skilled young women in developing nations, who can contribute powerfully to the growth and development of their home countries.

We seek like-minded individuals who can contribute to this vision:

  • Other professionals are needed to help educate a talent base that will establish communities capable of attracting, educating, and producing the next generation of scientists and engineers. Teachers and students together can create tomorrow’s innovations for the betterment of all nations.
  • A community of dedicated individuals can increase the number of people studying and working in STEM fields. In addition to learning science and technology, students learning these disciplines can also develop stronger skills in problem solving, innovation, and teamwork.

Our Core Values

  • Hope
  • Persistence
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Equality

Each of our core values defines who we are and how we work towards our mission, goal and vision.

Hope: BSI believes that cultural stigmas, religious restrictions, and oppressive laws prevent girls and boys in many developing countries from obtaining the education they deserve. By sharing inspiring hope in these students, we give them hope to achieve their dreams.

Passion: BSI teachers inspire students and act as their role models: the best solution to students’ education crisis. Let’s fuel a passion for learning in all the young women and men around the world and see the real change—Onyema B. Ajuogu

Persistence: BSI supports young people willing to work hard to achieve their dreams, willing to spend the extra time and energy to succeed and willing to risk the consequences of change. Persistence is the key to the continued progress of women in society.

Integrity: BSI demonstrates integrity toward its commitment and vision by focusing all of its efforts on creating innovative solutions and projects that address two primary concerns: economic development and gender equality.

Leadership: BSI believes it is important to encourage students in developing nations to take leadership roles as a part of their educational journey if they are to one day become leaders in their communities and in their chosen profession.

Innovation: BSI uses innovative multidisciplinary STEM learning tools such as the rocket kits, aircraft kits, Raspberry Pi kits, and others to foster student interest in STEM fields.

Equality: BSI believes that empowering women through STEM education can abolish gender inequality. BSI’s vision is of a world where women receive the same educational access and opportunities as men.