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Advocating STEM Education through STEM Workshops and Projects

STEM PROJECT (“The Young Eagle” STEM Workshop)

Benignant STEM Innovation promotes the education of young women and men worldwide in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). As part of this, BSI runs its “The Young Eagle” STEM Workshops in multiple countries, including low socio-economic regions in developed nations

Over the course of weeks or months, women and men will work together to build real-life airplane kits and rocket kits, Raspberry Pi hardware, and bridges as a multidisciplinary STEM learning tool with the help of experts. The workshop is free for participants and its aim is to inspire young women and men’s interest in STEM education. This program is available for students in developing nations and underserved minority communities in the USA.

Global Education/Girls Education (Young Eagle Fellows)

Benignant STEM Innovation’s Global Education” project brings intelligent and ambitious girls from low socio-economic backgrounds in developing nations to the United States to receive tertiary education in a STEM-related field with the understanding that they will return to their countries to help bring development to their nations.

Educating Women in STEM

STEM Project

STEM PROJECT (“The Young Eagle” STEM Workshop) The Young Eagle project is very much aligned to BSI’s overall mission to inspire interest in young ones and to promote education in STEM fields around the globe. Benignant STEM Innovation recognizes…

Girls STEM Workshop

Young Eagle Fellowships

Young Eagle Fellowships The Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation (BSI) believes passionately in the power of young people in developing nations to change the world. Our aim is to inspire hope in young people in the developing world by providing…