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BDE's 7 Core Values

The core values of an organization define its work ethics, outputs and transparency in operations. In order to achieve BSI’s mission of promoting and increasing participation of young women in STEM fields, it was important to determine the core values based on what we are setting out to achieve. Based on that, we established our 7 core values to be: Hope, Passion, Persistence, Integrity, Leadership, Innovation and Equality.

Each of our core values defines who we are and how we work towards our mission, goal and vision.

Hope: In many developing countries, cultural stigma, religious restrictions & oppressive laws prevent girls from obtaining the education they deserve. BSI believes that by sharing your story, being a role model and mentor to these girls, you can give them hope to achieve their dreams.

Passion: Inspire girls, be a role model and ‪let girls learn! Together, we can find the best solutions to girls’ education crisis. Let’s fuel in a passion in all the young women and girls around the world and see the real change—Onyema Benigna Ajuogu

Persistence: BSI supports young women willing to work hard to achieve their dreams, willing to spend the extra time and energy to succeed and willing to risk the consequences of change. Persistence is the key to continued progress of women in society.

Integrity: BSI demonstrates integrity towards its commitment & vision by focusing all of its efforts on creating innovative solutions and projects that address two primary concerns: economic development and gender equality.

Leadership: BSI believes that it is important to encourage girls to take leadership roles as a part of their educational journey if they are to one day become leaders in their communities and in their chosen profession.

Innovation: BSI utilizes innovative multidisciplinary STEM learning tools such as the rocket kits, aircraft kits, raspberry pie kits etc. to foster the interests of young women in STEM fields

Equality: BSI believes that empowering women through STEM education can abolish gender inequality. BSI’s vision is of a world where women receive the same educational access and opportunities as men.

As part of promoting these very important values, we started a social media campaign in which each day of the week represents one of our core values as follows- #HopeMonday #PassionTuesday #PersistenceWednesday #IntegrityThursday #LeadershipFriday #InnovationSaturday & #EqualitySunday.

This campaign will include information about our work, statistics, quotes, pictures, videos and more pertaining to the core value represented by each day of the week. Follow us and support the campaign on our social media pages listed below-






Your support will help us raise awareness about the need for post-secondary education in STEM fields for young women from developing countries.