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Promoting STEM Education In Developing Countries

Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation (BSI) is an innovative non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting increased participation in post-secondary education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields in developing countries. Please learn more about who we are, the people behind BSI and their passion, and discover why we are so driven to encourage and enhance STEM education globally.

In this section, you can discover the fundamental information behind the organization, and learn more about Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation, including BSI’s mission, goals, philosophy, vision, core values. BSI is working to be a force for change in the developing countries, by inspiring and encouraging STEM worldwide through “The Young Eagle STEM Workshop” program & “The Young Eagle STEM Workshop”

Be sure to also read the inspiring story of Benignant STEM Innovation’s President and Founder, Onyema Ajuogu. Be inspired by Onyema’s personal journey from poverty in Africa and achieving her dream in STEM education, her persistent will to succeed. Onyema, who is aerospace engineer in the United States, demonstrates that you can start from nothing, but through hard work, hopes and persistent,can be successful and inspiring to others.

Benignant STEM Innovation’s staff members are driven and passionate about supporting STEM education worldwide. Meet the BSI founder, staff members, so you can get to know the people behind this great organization.

Do you have a question, suggestion or you want to learn more about Benignant STEM Innovation? Get in touch with us by going to our Contact page. We’re excited to meet you and find ways for us to work together in support for STEM education in developing countries.